Reply To: What Max2Play-Version für Beocreate?

8. Februar 2018 at 21:15 #33924

Hello Marc,

What are your experience with the Beocreate? I have some B&O CX100 speakers but is it worth the money to make them active at such a high price? The Beocreate has a pre-defined DSP program for this speaker. In fact, you need two Beocreate devices with two RaspberryPi’s to connect the 6 speakers (3×2) and you can connect them to each other by a Toslink connection.

So, to get all the functionality it costs nearly 500 euro! My problem is that the original CX100 speakers aren’t exactly high-end speakers but very moderate one’s and nearly 15 years old. Are they worth such an high investment? I hope you can confirm that the Beoacreate is a nice piece of desgn bij Hifiberry and it’s worth all his money!

But I’m in doubt. Isn’t a Hifiberry Amp+ (or any other amp mentioned in the Max2play webstore) not a far better idea for my old CX100 speakers?

Hope to hear from your experience.

With regards,