Reply To: Justboom DAC Zero -headphone cpu activity noise

16. Januar 2018 at 21:12 #33488

Hi Hiner,

I understand the quadcore RPI3 or RPI2 can handle LMS better (quicker) than the singlecore RPI zero-W, but the handling itself is as noted not the issue.
CPU load is mostly under 1.00 and no warnings in the M2P webapplication with both LMS and squeeze lite running
I have an LMS on my Windows media center and did some testing.
Limiting avtivity on the zero has as a result less „noise“ but it is still there.
As far as I can test it myself the „noise“ is not related to LMS

Building a tiny (very portable) stand alone musicplayer with (mostly FLAC) musicfiles on the player itself was the goal for the experiment with lms and the player on the Zero W.
As stated the line out doesn’t have the „noise“ problem.
The quality when using the Justboom DAC Zero line out is far more better then a headphone directly connected to a standard mobile or laptop 3,5mm jack.
I think you did (and still do) a great Job with M2P and the provided Plugins.

Concentrating on the „headphone out noise issue“, I didn’t expect interference noise and the headphone out propbably should not produce it.
If the „problem“ is in anyway linked to my specific use of the Zero and the Justboom DAC or there is something wrong with the DAC or the combination of Zero and DAC then it is maybe a non issue.
On the other hand having an amplified headphone out you cannot use is not why I bought this specific DAC.
I didn’t do any soldering but ordered the Zero with the 40p header. So it’s mostly plug and play hardware in combination with M2P plug and play software.

I will do some more testing and keep you and other readers posted.