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12. Januar 2018 at 0:11 #33365

I am using the built-in RP3 bluetooth. Today I let it run, and sometime around 3 hours in it seemed to stop working, at which point I needed to restart the speaker and the Pi to get it to go again.

I’ve noticed that the synchronize function doesn’t work so well in the latest update, though. I have a Logitech Boom and the Max2Play Pi both connected to LMS running on a NAS. If I tell the Pi to sync to the Boom, the Boom will play, but the Pi will stop and everything will need to be reset. If I tell the Boom to sync to the Pi, it works fine, though there is a minor audio delay between the two, which I may be able to adjust for in the LMS settings. I also had an issue today where, during synchronized playback, I could stream a podcast fine, but if I played a track from my NAS, or via Spotty, music would play for a short period, before abruptly stopping, then starting over from the beginning.

Not sure if the sync issue is related to Bluetooth or not. I’m happy to start a thread elsewhere if that’s preferable.