Reply To: [SOLVED] Bluetooth Speaker

3. Januar 2018 at 12:57 #33197

@ghohner: You have an error in the code you posted. I sent you the correct that will work in our Shopping Cart’s „Discount Code“ field. Sorry about the inconvenience. When you first boot our default RPi image, you should automatically be able to select „Allo“ and „BOSS“ for your setup as the first steps, afterwards the players run automatically from the next reboot.

@meda: Sorry about the confusion, the BT plugin cannot keep a BT speaker active by default. You either need to keep playing something or turn in on manually again. However, when on it automatically recognizes the M2P device again. The BT connection can generally be unstable with the built-in module from Raspberry Pi. We had some customers whose playback always dropped out after ca. 3 hours. However, these issues can also be connected to different factors. We were able to recreate the issue with here after 3 hours of playback with the built-in while a BT dongle managed to play without interruption for well over 3 hours.