Reply To: [SOLVED] Bluetooth Speaker

2. Januar 2018 at 17:30 #33185

The voucher code used was 000-000-000, please realize you are familiar with your web site. A new user/customer is not and I am new. I do not recall when the code was entered but I can tell you I tried multiple times. I loaded just about every img file associated with the pi and in the end none worked. The premium plugins would copy but were not initialized and would not work. If this is the case you might change your process to notify the user before installing the premium plugins that they are not authorized. After many hours I gave up and just modified the config file with the changes on the Allo site to get the plugin for the Allo card to install and work. I am using it now with libreelec and a bose revolve+ speaker. However, the bluetooth doesn’t work I can only use the Allo boss to play through the aux input wired.