Reply To: [SOLVED] How to get a stable M2P installation … TL/DR

19. Dezember 2017 at 4:15 #33041

Heiner … an update, sad to say. I have had to reimage my m2p 2.44 sd card again. I cannot help you with any kind of data other than to tell you what happened because, well, it would not successfully boot. All I did was use the m2p webui to restart the RPi. That’s it. But nothing on reboot. No anything … no networking, no ui, no video output, no ssh. Well, no boot output. I did have a multi-colored square on my TV (hdmi input), but nothing else, no kernel load, etc.

The only recourse available was to reimage the sd card, which worked. It’s now back up and I’ve reinstalled LMS, etc.

It seems impossible this can happen. No tweaks on my part — this was a stock install with only LMS and SqueezeLite. Yet somehow a simple reboot, or something else (?), hosed the system to the extent it could not complete a boot. Only reimaging the sd card worked.