Reply To: What Max2Play-Version für Beocreate?

23. November 2017 at 19:47 #32606

Hehe, NOW I know about that documentation, too. I received the link shortly after my posting here, so sorry.

Anyway, still no sound.
But it seems like something goes wrong when installing the DSP to the soundcard via their actual image.

Sadly I can’t be sure, because there is no (easy) possibility to play a test-sound with their image without having to use any source. And they only offer airplay or Spotify, and don’t have both…

In max2play there isn’t such a „test-sound“, either, btw 😉

I think that’s a good idea, because if you have problems, you can check if it’s the source not getting to the sound card, or if the soundcard itself doesn’t work. A simple jingle-button in the max2play-menu would do the job.

Back to beocreate:
Daniel is working on it and he really is a fast and patient responder, so we will see…