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2. November 2017 at 20:16 #32264

I am new to the Max2Play experience, and I enjoy it so far.

However, I would be curious to know if anybody has been able to install ShellInABox recently. The Remote Control plugin was added successfully to my M2P Web Interface, and when I push the „Install ShellInABox“ button, the installation seems to run smoothly and report success; but when I hit the refresh page button, as suggested, it keeps showing the „Install SheelInABox“ button (instead of the expected “ShellInABox is installed”) and the ssh-console window is not shown.
I am running on Windows 10 Pro in Chrome (also tried Edge or IE Explorer); my board is RPi3, with a 7 inch touch screen, no extra audio card (yet). I have tried updating Max2Play (from the Settings/Reboot) page but it did not help. As suggested in one of the messages above, I also tried to „Force Update to latest Beta for Max2Play“, but that resulted in my system not being able to boot properly (I was suddenly asked for a password during booting, and Jive Lite would not start!); so, I ended up reinstalling MAx2Play from scratch. I also searched the forum, but could not find any hint on this topic (except this thread).
Any suggestions?