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26. Oktober 2017 at 15:46 #32130

Hi veryaner,

Sure I can 🙂

Max2Play’s multiroom system is based on a headless server+player structure, meaning you only need one „master“ Pi with the server installed. This one can also be used as a player at the same time. Meanwhile, all other zones in your multiroom system just need to be players and can all be controlled by the one server, which itself is decentralized and can be configured and controlled by any other devicein the network (apps, web interface via browser, etc.).

So you can use one Pi to have the server and a sound card with player and several other Pi’s in different rooms with just players (including your bluetooth speaker, if you like, but we recommend direct connection via sound card to active speakers, passive speakers, existing sound systems, etc.)

We offer complete bundles for individual zones and you can check out our multiroom configurator to find the fitting ones for each zone:

Multiroom Audio Configurator

Build your own multiroom audio system