Reply To: Will Max2Play work for his set up?

9. Oktober 2017 at 13:52 #31804

Hi Adrian,

I do not see a problem with your proposed setup. However, the simultaneous playback of 6 individual streams might come close to one Raspberry Pi 3’s capabilities. But all the other aspects are quickly installed and configured with Max2Play, especially if you are used to the LMS interface.

The Bundle you need depends on whether you want to use the Pi as another player as well. In this case you could go for a DAC bundle (for connecting it to a stereo or some active speakers), an Amp Bundle (for direct use with passive speakers) or a Digi Bundle (for ideal transmission of the digital stream). In the link below, you can find all our DAC’s, Amp’s and Digi’s in a comparison chart with their individual specs.
If you just want to use it as a server unit, you would just need the basic Raspberry Pi Bundle linked below.

Sound Cards can now be compared