Reply To: [SOLVED] How to set up a USB DAC (Audio Output)

28. September 2017 at 15:26 #31593

Sorry Heiner, i figured out what was the problem.
Oppo BDP 105 is not just a DAC but a full featured Hi End Blu Ray player which can be used as DAC only as well.
As soon as i switched the Oppo input to „USB DAC“, Squeezelite showed me all the Oppo DAC device drivers and since then Max2Play works like a charm with it.

The only problem i’m trying to solve right now is that the 2 MultiSqueeze instances are no registered to as they are the other physical players (and the Squeezelite instance in the Audioplayer too, so before running Multisqueeze). As outcome i can’t see TIDAL plugin as a service for example in iPeng context menus. Any clue on how to fix up this problem?

Thank you and have a good day

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