Reply To: Shairport Latency

16. September 2017 at 10:05 #31351

Hi Heiner,

I’ve now tried the following options:
1) with shairport2 plugin tuneblade says „latency 1000ms“. For some reason i do not get any sound output, but 1000ms would be way too much anyway…
2) I don’t think Win7 can provide realtime streaming of any (=chrome, media player, DVBViewer,…) sound played on the computer natively so I installed „Stream What You Hear“:
2a) using gmediarender as DLNA client I get sound with gaps, like 1000ms sound and 100ms no sound. Estimated latency is about 2000ms.
2b) I’ve seen that squeezebox server provides a DLNA client plugin. I can connect to it but i hear no sound.
2c) Stream What You Hear has the function „HTTP streaming“. I can connect to the HTTP stream using Squeezebox but latency is also about 2000ms.

So far, the best result I had was still using tuneblade + shairport. If we could just get latency down to maybe 50ms by a command line parameter or recompiling it myself with adapted buffer size it would be a great thing.

best regards,

p.s. I tried Win7 as DLNA server. streaming a mp3 to my raspberry/gmediarender with just a right click really works fine.