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15. September 2017 at 16:57 #31347

Hi Heiner,

i would appreciate if thing would work like they are intended to…

In fact the outputs are scrambled. The is only gmrenderer active, DAC+ selected, but the standard output is still selected.
DLNA can be used, but only with the RP audio jack.

A complete fresh installation (2.44) has the same problem.

Using the command line „speaker-test -Ddefault:sndrpihifiberry -twav“ activates RCA plugs of DAC+ as expected.
-> HW ok.

So the front seems to show what should be but not what really is.
-> Test button makes sense.

Now i am going to configure the system via text editor, even if thats what i tried to ommit and why i was willing to pay for a simple functioning solution.

Any helpful hints?

Thanks – Udo