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4. September 2017 at 14:48 #31117

Hi gstalnaker,

Recently (there is a thread about it on the Forum) LMS simply stopped responding and, in trouble-shooting the LMS issue, the M2P UI also stopped working — the tabs were at the top of the web pages, but the content was blank. In the end, I was advised to re-image M2P from the IMG and start over. Which I grudgingly did.

For this reason, we built the image burner to make a back-up of your image within a few minutes and with a few clicks. Please consider creating one just in case.

While we do encourage our users to do whatever they want with Max2Play, we also advise them to stick to the web interface in case they are not interested in any DIY „futzing“. A problem arising from manual inputs cannot easily be diagnosed or fixed as it is very individually created.

But the resulting M2P/LMS “experience” was awful. The M2P UI would go into a cyclical “Reloading page every 3 seconds” while installing LMS. And it stayed in that mode until I grew weary and killed it. I re-imaged the SD card three times and that behavior never stopped. With a LOT LOT LOT of futzing I eventually got a stable, working LMS and all was mostly well (LMS is horribly slow) until this morning.

Please make sure you do not do anything else while installing the LMS. The server does take a few minutes to install, as the yellow text alerts you. Please do not lose patience and let the sequence work itself out. Afterwards the LMS will be properly installed. If anything else happened during installation, please start a new installation and do not disturb it.
The LMS should not be horribly slow, we have a Pi2 working here with LMS and no interference or significant latency. Please check whether your SD card is Class 10 or higher to rule it out as a possible source of error.

The three second updates are part of the process, do not stop the installation due to them. Just keep it running.

The other services of Max2Play can all be deactivated, removed from autostart or put into the inactive plugins section if you only want the LMS.