Reply To: How do I actually listen to music?

9. August 2017 at 15:24 #30522

Okay Ryan, I’ll answer one by one 😀

– For iOS the best and one most familiar to us is iPeng. However, you can always use the web interface of the LMS which is just IP/NAME:9000 in most cases.

– You can change the name of your device and consequently the name to reach it by in the Settings/Reboot menu. This also often solves this issue. You can also activate „Network Lookup“ there to see all your devices, their IP and immediately switch between them (top right corner of the web interface, wait a little after activating for it to work)

– Synchronized AirPlay is currently only possible with shairport and only on iTunes.

– Yes, the three features in the Filesystem/Mount menu all offer their own solutions.

First is just a mount guide, you need the parameters from the share you want from your NAS and a login for the NAS. Just follow the help.

Second is just USB, automatically mounts drives connected via USB

Third is SambaShares, create one, it shows up on all devices in your network and you can put files on it from anywhere if you allow the share to.

– You don’t, just disable them. The ones that take up space can be uninstalled on their own page.