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3. August 2017 at 10:35 #30361

Hi Heiner,

After connecting via WPS, does the system still tell you that you have no internet connection?
Yes, it did.
The strange thing is that yesterday evening when I wanted to change the ‚Fix IP setting‘ I had an internet connection.
So probably, later on it was getting connected to the internet.

Then I tried to start the ’spotify connect‘ addon and this one started.
But when I tried to connect with spotify to the spotify connect ‚max2play‘ (yes it was visible in spotify) it looked like the PI restarted.

So after that I changed the ‚Fix IP‘ off and restarted the PI.
But then I again had no internet connection.
So I can connect via Wifi to the PI, but somehow it can’t connect itself to the internet.

SO still some questions from my side:

– is there a way I can force the PI to connect to the internet