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26. Juli 2017 at 0:26 #30158

Hi all,

I hope I’m not jacking this thread but it seems to be pretty close to the issue I am having.

I have a RPi3, HiFiBerry digi+ pro, max2play/squeezelite. The bits are sent to a Cambridge Audio 851D DAC via coax. The DAC also doubles as a simple pre-amp, which drives an Emotiva 300w/ch power amp, which drives my old school but high quality Magnat Deltas.

Both RCA/coax and the DAC support up to 192.

My goal with the RPi rig was to replace my laptop that I used to stream Tidal and play my ripped CDs with Media Monkey. If Windows 10 didn’t decide to do a system update/patch, the virus scanner decided it was time to check the hard drive.

This little device plays great… I can stream tidal (I have the premium/HIFI membership), I can play my ripped CDs (from a thumb drive!!! Love it!), and even have access to Internet Radio, which I didn’t think I would ever care about (not sure yet that I do but it does open doors to new material).

The issue I’m having is at most my DAC reports 48khz bit rate, and that’s only when I send a 24/192 or 24/96 flac into it. Anything else, Tidal and my ripped CDs are all playing at 44.1. The ripped CDs make sense… that is the resolution of the data files.

It’s entirely possible Tidal is only presenting 44.1 data files… Though when playing Tidal through my laptop via HDMI (out) into TosLink I was running at 96k. I’m not sure how that happened either.

But why do my „test“ flacs at the higher resolutions play of 24/96 and 24/192 only play at 48k? I know the digi+ Pro has two clocks… 44.1 and 48… is it just a coincidence that those are the only two resolutions I can get?

I’ve done the usual checks… upgraded SqueezeLite, max2play, linux kernel… which I believe were all current as this is a brand new installation.

I’ve poked around every menu in the Squeezebox „Settings“… tried a few interesting switches, but so far nothing seems to have an impact (sorry for the vagueness… I don’t have access to the SB menus right now). Changes that had no impact got rolled back to the default setting after testing.

I have not tried to use the TosLink… but the resolution of the optical is less than the coax.

Since this is a headless unit, I reduced the graphics processing unit from 128M to 16M… no impact, but it was worth a try.

As far as I can tell this little machine is barely working. CPU utilization is single digits… the 32GB SD card is 95 percent free space.

I am steaming the music over a wireless connection; the RPi is not hard wired into the LAN. That doesn’t seem to be a factor since I seldom (not always) get a pause in the audio as the download needs to catch up.

In general this system sounds great… I’m just not 100 percent sure I have everything 100 percent correct.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!