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14. Juli 2017 at 8:51 #29911

Hi. Ive got my m2p on pi3 working with latest beta as LMS server and local squeezelite player sending output via bt usb dongle and m2p bluetooth plugin to a bluetooth speaker. Works very well since i switched to a usb bt dongle and disabled pi 3 bt (with built in bt, audio would randomly cut out after 10 mins – 1 hour, requiring pi reboot) and added a power on/off script) with squeezelite -S option to connect/disconnect to speaker on player on/off in ipeng (see previous post).
I now want to use an Amazon echo as the bt speaker in this set up. I can get bt connected with max2play but so far no audio coming out. Has anyone managed this? Im aware of hab-tunes initiative but wanted to get echo working with m2p as basic bluetooth speaker (audio receiver) in meantime.