Reply To: [SOLVED] Premium licence problem

21. Juni 2017 at 9:17 #29663


It worked in my bathroom squeezebox but in my kitchen, the SD protection seems to be activated… even if the SD protection configuration page says it is NOT.
But plugin installation is impossible: when i try to install a plugin i have an error message „no licence for additionnal plugin was found“. It ask me for my activation code… but i can’t activate. A vicious circle!
I tried to reset Max2play to default settings, but no effect. The activation code is here again
This is what i see:

Carte SD en lecteur seule ! Les changements ne seront pas sauvegardés !
Réglages par défaut rétablis pour:

The SD protection is causing troubles and i don’t have solution. Do i need to reinstall ? is this my last issue?

Thanks for your help