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16. Juni 2017 at 3:36 #29557

hello and thank you for your answer.
2Tb limitation is no more actual.. on Pi’s device. And on odroid device actual again or not ?
I had problem for see a drive 4TB formated btrfs… a relation with limit or related to format ?

I find armdroid OS very good for odroid, but still have problem for make running kodi actually (my fault due to low knowledge for kodi coding and low population interested for share knowledge around that to), but it is actually installed (armdroid installed from openmediavault3.76 for odroid xu4 specifically).
Could you tell me if limitation of 2TB exist again for odroid-xu4 actually (06/2017) and if yes, why/how to change that (easy or not) ?

Actually, my favorite OS is archlinux because of simplicity, his great wiki and community and it stay on edge (same for arm part of arch), but it failed with kodi. the OMV web interface is something nice… max2play investigation is something good… for Pi’s device then. Hope you will have opportunities and time for mak max2play better for other devices (i tryed pi3 device and find it very slow, i think it is a good device for domotic on house, not really for media player or NAS works). I go with odroid-xu4 for power ability at low cost.