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9. Juni 2017 at 15:36 #29479

Hi Heiner,

OK I will try your instructions and report back.

As for uses for a Zero Wireless AP setup, I have 2

The first can be seen from my write-up of a project here
(If you want I can supply a copy of my project write-up for your site too)

The second was for some friends I have who live in rural Ireland without access to the internet. They wanted to be able to have a
Wireless router/ DHCP server, Access Point in their house so that they could connect up their modern electricals to see each other. I provided them with a Pi Zero and a Micro USB Wifi adaptor, installed Kodi/Libreelec and turned on the AP facility in that to provide an Access Point. This is working fine for them. A Pi Zero W would do this without having to have the USB WiFi adaptor. I prefer your web based Pi configuration capabilities and would like to do this using Max2Play.

Hope this helps


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