Reply To: [SOLVED] Equalizer

24. April 2017 at 22:54 #28451

No problem, Bob. Happy to help. I saw some others on this thread were still having problems, but no idea if they were able to solve them. Hopefully they were able to get it working.

Your mention of the BT speakers is interesting. I’ve tried several variants of BT configuration with M2P but never got it to work properly. My goal (slightly different than yours) is to set up the RPi/HFB to act as a Bluetooth sink so I can stream from my phone/tablet into M2P and have it play through the connected speakers. That would allow me to listen to music other than what is on my home media server.

The last time a poked at this was around a year ago and never got it to work right or consistently. But, the tech has changed in the past year so I may pick this up again with a new RPI3 and see if that makes any difference.