Reply To: Allo Piano 2.1 sub volume

16. April 2017 at 3:24 #28267

Lanny501, I’ve reinstalled with Max2Play 2.41, which does not offer, or call for, a custom kernel. I am currently avoiding 2.42 because I’ve found that with that version:
1. the message to install the custom kernel reappears each time after I have attempted the install
2. the sound quality is notably poorer

With 2.41 I had to set the subwoofer mode to 2.1. However, like you, I’m finding that when I adjust the volume (I use both iPeng and Squeezepad) the subwoofer volume is unchanged.

Perhaps someone at Max2Play Headquarters can tell us whether the custom kernel is in fact installed by 2.42, and why the sound might be poorer with that installation.

Anyone else out there using the Piano 2.1?