Reply To: Allo Piano 2.1 sub volume

13. April 2017 at 13:42 #28222

That seems quite disingenuous, Mohammad. You provide a version of Max2Play that runs on the Sparky (sparky_sd_vana_1_3_200317). This identifies itself as „Version 2.41, Allo Sparky“. It upgrades to „Version 2.42, Allo Sparky.“

In addition, on the Max2Play website you announced in December 2016, „We are happy to announce a new Max2Play Partner today: Allo. With the Piano Dac 2.1 by Allo, we are now, for the first time, supporting a sound card that also supports a subwoofer… The sound card is compatible with both the Raspberry Pi and the Allo-developed Sparky-Board…. Thus, we recommend the Kali Reclocker in combination with the Piano DAC 2.1 in our Shop. This combination works, as usual with Max2Play, directly out-of-the-box…“

Where on you webpages do you state that you do not guarantee the behaviour of Max2Play on the Sparky?