Reply To: Multiple Streams in Multi Room Setup?

15. März 2017 at 19:07 #27763

@Mbydeen Thanks for the link, I had already read that one (and countless other ones) during my search for the perfect software to use in my RPi-powered multiroom audio system (a search that landed me here as I believe M2P is the best option available).

But, unless I’m mistaken, that article doesn’t explicitly say that the server is capable of sending MORE THAN ONE stream. It’s my understanding that a single RPi (or some other device) would be set up as a server and send audio to any number of devices. And I’m pretty confident of the ability to play that ONE stream to any mix of M2P Clients, but what I’m specifically curious about is the ability of the Server to send DIFFERENT streams to one or many M2P Clients concurrently?

Is this possible with a Server/Client Setup? If not, would implementing it be as easy as just inserting a second Server into the mix (and the accompanying headaches I’m sure)?