Reply To: [SOLVED] How do I uncheck "Load WiFi Interface ?

24. Februar 2017 at 2:54 #27183

I know it’s only support for the Raspberry Pi. I did now know for the ODROID because a wile ago I posted about it locking up after some time. But then you said the same thing only support the Raspberry Pi. So I have not been using my Odroid as a Max2Play for a wile.

But any way I am sure the same command would work on the Raspberry Pi. So say you could not hook it up to Ethernet and it do that same thing disconnects the Wifi before can set it. How could you do the same on the command line to like Uncheck the Load WiFi Interface but with the command line on a Raspberry Pi. I am sure it be the same on this unit.

-Raymond Day

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