Reply To: [SOLVED] IQAudIO multi Output mixer not working

6. Februar 2017 at 20:41 #26699

Thanks for your answers.


I would like to use Multisqueeze with 2 instances of players and the output of my DAC x400.

My command line option of the player always was empty.
your 2nd point I can not follow – I can not find „automatic Audio Switch“ 🙁

I am sure with the right asound.conf it is possible to use the DAC also for 4 sources as Output.
Like in Windows, where you can play a game and have a music player running at the same time,…

Would be nice if this configuration option would be implemented, in case it doesn`t already exist.

The HOPE that this feature will work with max2play made me buying a 5 year license 😉
So please help me out.
From 2 Days testing I have to say that I realy like max2play because I could setup things in 1 hour I was struggling around days with piCore or other free solutions,…

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