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6. Februar 2017 at 14:38 #26692

Hello eriche,

Are using only the default audio output on the raspberry pi, or do you have an external sound card, and if you have, what is the brand ?

you can solve this problem by using this command in the squeezelite advanced settings:

-C <timeout> Close output device when idle after timeout seconds, default is to keep it open while player is ‘on’

Please take a look on this page for more details:

also there is Lowpassfilter and Crossfeed Level Adjuster for Headphones.This is a filter for audiophile usage to change lowpass filter cut frequency and crossfeed level of the audio-output. These settings take effect when using the output „-o headphones“ in advanced settings of Squeezelite. More infos about the filter technique can be found on

Mohammad Mbydeen

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