Reply To: [SOLVED] RasPi 3 Model B, JustBoom Amp and 2.8" TouchScreen

30. Januar 2017 at 13:47 #26406

Hi Tim,

sorry, my fault. The P2 on the Amp is not going to be good for you need. The reason I showed you the other boards pinout was really to say that the Amp HAT is the least good option for your project.
Yet if an Amp is what you need then the only option I can think of is for you to use the Hack3r board that allows you to duplicate the connectivity the GPIO header. On the Hack3r board you will then connect the Amp and the Display maybe by using a stacker header for the second card so that they do not physically overlap.
At this point you have sorted the electrical connectivity and the mechanical aspect. The pinout I gave you then will also help you determine if in fact you can use both cards at the same time. The power and ground pins are amongst the few things that can be shared so check for the other pins and if there is no overlap you are in luck.

I hope this answers all you questions.