Reply To: [SOLVED] RasPi 3 Model B, JustBoom Amp and 2.8" TouchScreen

29. Januar 2017 at 10:52 #26383

thanks for your reply!
Here’s what I understood: On my JustBoom Amp HAT there was not enough space to allow all the GPIO Pins to be forwarded through the board. But some have been put into P2 and when I follow the first link you provided I can which pins have been forwarded. This meens, if I wanted to use the P2 pins, I would have to make sure, that the 2,8″ RPi-Display from watterott uses these pins.
Your second link leads to a product, whicht allows me to extend the Pi’s GPIO Pins so I can connect display and amp using the full GPIO pin layout. This puts a question into my head: Don’t I have to make sure, that amp and display don’t use the same signal pins? As I’m understanding, power pins are not a problem since they are delivering voltage only. Signal pins though can be used by either amp or display but not by both at the same time. Do I get this right?