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25. Januar 2017 at 11:10 #26290

I am glad, that for some of you streaming seem to work now, but in my case it is still a hassle. Just yesterday I reinstalled and upgraded to 2.40, but nothing got better. My LG G3 starts streaming, but after a while, streaming stops, or worse, all of a sudden LMS plays a song which had been in queue. I am really annoyed of all this. Sorry, at this point I have to say, that m2p is not as it promised to be. There seem to be so many exceptions for the individual setup, that the features advertised on the feature list might work, but not for all and not on all hardware. I explicetly bought my system from m2p to be on the save side. PI3 with AMP+. Streaming via bluetooth was the killer feature why I decided to buy it and for now this is kiling me. Please do not misunderstand my complains. I find this project very interesting and it has great potential, but a this stage it promises more than it can actually fullfil. Just my opinion.