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20. Januar 2017 at 13:21 #26152

Yes, an implementation of the Spotify Connect Server would be a big step forward for M2P, in my view. To be honest I am flabbergasted that M2P as „Multiroom Audio OS“ does not seem to take this seriously.

I am currently using Max2play with a Squeezeserver and JiveLite on a Rpi 3 + touchscreen to control a Pi zero running Max2play and a Squeezebox receiver unit and stream Spotify audio to them. It works, but Squeezeserver feels and looks dated and for example sound synchronization is flaky. This works for example better using the Squeezer android app than using the JiveLite interface. The interface of the Spotify plugin is also not great in comparison to the native Spotify app/software and this plugin does not get any further development or support by Triode anymore.

I am keeping a keen eye on the developments at Volumio, with the Spotify Connect add-on. I am already considering to switch my playback devices to Volumio+Spotify Connect and to install Android on my Rpi 3 + touchscreen to be able to run the Spotify App natively and control the playback devices using that…

Greetings, Anton