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19. Januar 2017 at 13:09 #26114

I also encountered the audioerror with squeezelite and shairport and Pulse setting when testing (plopping noise) – trying to figure out why this is happening: after around 1 min the stream recovers and plays nicely -> restarting squeezelite gives the same error again

This comes from bad buffering values, that need some editing in pulseaudio configuration. Editing Squeezelite Alsa-parameters to use a period count of at least 4096 bytes also fixes this. I will add a fix to the current BETA of Max2Play (will be in next release 2.41), that adds 2 parameters to the pulseaudio configuration in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf :

default-fragments = 5
default-fragment-size-msec = 2

Long story short: if you use your Audioplayers with soundcard „Pulse“ for Bluetooth Streaming to Bluetooth Speakers or direct streaming from Smartphone to Max2Play (without Squeezebox Server) while still having Squeezelite and Shairport available without conflicts, just update to the latest BETA of Max2Play and Reboot. Shairport and Squeezelite should play fine without the popping noise at start.