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18. Januar 2017 at 18:15 #26071

@All: I released a new SD-Card Image (in download section) and Max2Play version 2.40 with some bugfixes also for Bluetooth. You should update and Reboot if you encounter any problems (might be solved with the update).

: I think using the Pi for synchronized bluetooth streaming will be difficult (current focus is on streaming music). When streaming Youtube Audio via Smartphone to Max2Play I get 0.3 to 0.7 second delay (direct stream, not via Squeezebox Server as this delay is about 3 seconds). I don’t think there is an easy way to reduce this. Maybe you should try plain bluetooth speakers for watching videos.
„Can i configure the available device classes of the Max2Play installation somewhere“ – this is currently not changeable by web interface, but you may try to set this via SSH-console.
When using Shairport and Squeezelite and Bluetooth Steaming with one dedicated soundcard, it is important to know:
– All audioplayers try to access the soundcard when set up to use harware soundcard -> if the soundcard is blocked by a player (e.g. Shairport is playing while trying to play Bluetooth) it will not work (might kill the player itsself). Shairport will release the soundcard short time after you stop streaming. Shairtunes for Squeezebox Server is a good way to work around this in a Squeezebox Setup or you wait a little time between start/stop streaming to different players.
– Setting the audioplayers to use Pulse as audiooutput should give access to the soundcard for all players, even if they are playing at the same time. If you have a dedicated audiocard (hifiberry, Justboom, etc.), always disable the Build-In Audio on the Raspberry Pi! By this, Pulseaudio always uses the soundcard to play audio (and not the headphone jack of the Raspberry).
I also encountered the audioerror with squeezelite and Pulse setting when testing (plopping noise) – trying to figure out why this is happening: after around 1 min the stream recovers and plays nicely -> restarting squeezelite gives the same error again

I will add a highlighted Info-Box to the Bluetooth Plugin, that tells important things about the current Setup.

Synchronized Bluetooth streaming via Squeezebox Server does only work with Max2Play and Squeezebox Server on the same device, as it records the bluetooth stream on the device. You may try to setup FHEM with Max2Play for testing (have a look at our Plugin page).

: das DEBUG-log schaut soweit gut aus. Hast du es mehrfach versucht die Verbindung aufzubauen (manchmal klappt es beim ersten Mal nicht)? Ggf. muss am Kopfhörer ebenfalls ein Pairing Knopf gedrückt werden? Ich habe einen Samsung Level One zum testen hier: damit klappt es auf anhieb nachdem man diesen in den Pairing-Modus versetzt hat (Kopfhörer darf nicht mit einem anderen Gerät verbunden sein).

All the Best

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