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15. Januar 2017 at 18:59 #25920


Hi Stefan,

I’m using the Squeezebox Server together with FHEM on the same Plattform. This allows that FHEM can use Text To Speach to autput Audio via the Squeezebox Server to all Players. Therefore the LMS will have to remain on the FHEM Server. Your below Tipp with the ShairTunes2 Plugin was the solution at Least for the AirPlay sharing. Even Better, works for all the Players from the central Server.

Another option is to setup Shairtunes in Squeezebox Server. There is a one click installer on Squeezebox Server tab. This enables
Airplay for allconnected Squeezeboxes and you can disable Shairport on the audioplayer tab.

Now only remains open the Bluetooth sharing. As soon as I find time I will try the tipps from your reply above and report back.

Thanks a lot for Your quick reply.