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13. Januar 2017 at 14:55 #25852


i want to build a combo of airplay and bluetooth receiver with max2play and encounter some issues:

– setting Shairport to ‚Pulse‘ does not work, i get a similiar effect as Phillip (pschlaeppi) described above. Some noises at the start of playing music, then silence. Setting Shairport to hardware soundcard output fixes this. Now i can switch between bluetooth and airplay just through stop playing music on one device and playing from the other one… thats exactly what i want. BUT: Shairplay runs not stable with this setup… after some switches between sound from airplay to bluetooth and vce versa the shairplay daemon hangs… only KILLING and restart brings it back to live.

– i can connect Max2Play to my windows 10 laptop to Max2Play, but i couldn’t send some music to the Raspi. Windows 10 shows my Raspi as a computer and not as a ausio device… so i suspect the bluetooth profiles are not handled properly. Using a Windows 7 device solves this issue as on Win 7 you are able to select the bluetooth device class to be used. Win 10 doesn’t allow me this 🙁 Can i configure the available device classes of the Max2Play installation somewhere? If Max2Play offers a bluetooth speakers class only Windows 10 might work.

– last but not least the main purpose of use the bluetooth link is to transfer the audio part while watching amazon prime movies… but the delay between picture and sound is much too high… is there some way to reduce this?

My setup in short:

Rasperry Pi B
M2P 2.40 out of the box with bluetooth add-on
USB speakers connected
USB bluetooth stick ‚CONRAD‘ brand
100MBit Ethernet
Airplay streamed by Synology DS Audio

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