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11. Januar 2017 at 16:12 #25773

Hello Heiner!

Thanks very much for this and apologies for the slow response.

I gave the plugin a try yesterday but must admit I’ve encountered some problems.

— The power button works

— The display turns on and initializes (displays „Ready“ etc. after booting)

— However, the display does not show any music info when playing music – it just remains stuck at „Ready“

I searched for and found the Raspdac-Display configuration files at


I checked to see if the plugin had properly set the MAC address of my LMS player, which it had not.

For anyone new to this topic, it is important to understand that the following files in /Raspdac-Display/ determine the behavior of the display:

— General settings, time zone, MAC-address of LMS player
— Configure what the display shows and set scrolling behavior

For detailed instructions on what and how to edit these files see

After manually editing and setting my MAC-address as listed in Logitech Media Server, still no luck.

I did notice that the plugin tries to determine the proper MAC address and write it to by determining if ethernet is on, or WLAN0. On my RaspDAC, I have no ethernet and use an external Wifi stick for better reception. In Raspberry Settings I have the following activated: „Disable Default WiFi Interface WLAN0 on RPI3“. I unchecked this and went back to the default setting, rebooted, and still no luck…

Any idea? Does anyone else have different results?

Best regards,