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8. Januar 2017 at 20:36 #25675

@aschiller: do you have a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3? If you have an old Raspberry A/B/B+, it might just be too slow.

You are going for the full setup 🙂 some tips may help you:
– deactivate the command line switch „Squeezelite Bluetooth Verbindungs Synchronisation“, this is for streaming to bluetooth Speakers. I think you want to stream to Max2Play.
– you might better use the hardware soundcard output (e.g. automatically configure via hifiberry addon or choose soundcard manually in advanced options on audioplayer page) and do not use pulse, if your main goal is squeezebox and airplay. When shairport and squeezeplayer are paused, streaming with bluetooth should be possible. You always have to pause other players, otherwise you won’t get sound. But this should improve audioquality.
– regarding „Connecting via Bluetooth works ok, but it will not stop the Squeezebox Player. I will get both Audio
signals until I stop one or the other.“: The automatic switch for bluetooth only works when using the Squeezebox Server on Max2Play. In your setup you must stop all other audio signals manually.
– when the switch between shairport and squeezelite is not working as expected, you might try to setup Squeezebox Server on Max2Play for testing. Please EXPAND the filesystem before you do that, as it does not seem to be expanded yet! Another option is to setup Shairtunes in Squeezebox Server. There is a one click installer on Squeezebox Server tab. This enables Airplay for all connected Squeezeboxes and you can disable Shairport on the audioplayer tab.

Hope that helps.