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6. Januar 2017 at 6:56 #25592

Tried every suggestion in this thread so far, still same problem. Tried using a powered usb hub for the external drive, both hard wired to the pi and over Ethernet, same issue both ways, also I used a larger, faster powered external hard drive that I copied all the files onto, same issues as with the other drive, hard wired or over wireless, same issue… Power supply is the ifi ipower 5v 2.5a (2x, one for the pi, one for the usb hub, non back powering) Using the latest beta of max2play and all updates. Maybe it’s my dac? Using a schiit gungnir multibit, there is a relay that flips when switching between bitrates.., but I’m grasping at straws now. Everything works flawlessly and sounds great, except I can’t seem to make 24 bit audio work… I tried all outputs, toslink, spidf, bnc, no difference there. I must be missing something, it can’t be this hard. Can anyone share their setup method if they have gotten it to work? I have a wifi repeater on order, but I don’t have high hopes.