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4. Januar 2017 at 12:09 #25468

Hello and Happy new year to all of you.

Dear Heiner and JCU,

Sorry for this very late reply, but was out for business early December, then holidays ….
Here is where I stand (I hope this helps someone else).
I followed Heiner advice and chose the Sabre DAC under the Raspberry Settings but chose the “hw:CARD=sndrpihifiberry” instead of “sysdefault snd_hifiberry_dac” which according to my ears has a better sound.
Crackling when switching from normal def files to hi-def files is still there, but not horrible. Any advice to completely eliminate it would be appreciated
Then I had an issue with ALAC files which I figured was the native squeezebox server decoder from this forum and some others and use the parameter

-e alsa

This I think transcodes to flac
The issue is that the player does not seem to recognize the end of the file and keeps playing at the end with no sound, or the sound would stop after few seconds

Is it really that the ALAC decoder from squeezebox server is that bad?

Btw, it only happens with files I generated by ripping my CD collection to ALAC using dbPowerAmp and not with the files bought in apple store
I do not feel like transcoding my whole collection to flac (30 000+ files) so any help on using properly the native decoder is appreciated too.

SO I AM HAPPY that I have an acceptable and stable Max2Play set up !! Thanks

My next step is to see if I can transfer the Volume control to my Wyred4Sound DAC2 using the USB connection as opposed as the I2S over GPIO.
Any thoughts on this?