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27. Dezember 2016 at 13:15 #25261

My situation:
I want to stream from tablet to m2p. BT worked until v2.38 with direct stream to soundcard via pulse.
After update to v2.39 not anymore. The connection from tablet to m2p is ok and tablet plays, but I hear no sound.
When I connect tablet to a BT speaker it works.
When I play via stream to SB server, it works (not using pulse, but sysdefault)!
But I want to use direct stream, because SB server has a 3 second buffer delay.

The problem seems to be that pulse does not work anymore -neither with BT nor directly with SB server. Any ideas?


Ok, I just found the error:
I watched the second tutorial and saw that these two settings were wrong in my installation:
1. Shairplay was not set to pulse
2. In BT options „Audio-Ausgang beim Trennen wechseln“ was not switched on.

Now it works again… hope this helps some other people, too!