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27. Dezember 2016 at 10:38 #25258

@TonyW: If your Bluetooth Debug log is almost empty, something went wrong during installation. Maybe your filesystem is full? Have a look at the Debug output on the settings/reboot page (bottom of page) to see if there is some space left on your SD-Card.

@Amazon Echo: I will try to get my hands on one of these to test it. Watching at the Debug of Davey it seems that the Echo is recognized as „AudioSource, AudioSink, AVRemoteControlTarget, AdvancedAudioDistribution, AVRemoteControl“ and although he want’s to use it as Bluetooth speaker, it is connected as Bluetooth source (streaming TO Max2Play instead of being a target to stream to). Right now the Bluetooth Addon can be used to setup both: streaming to speakers and being a Bluetooth speaker itsself. There might be more configuration needed, to make sure the Echo is used as speaker and not as input source (or both together).
If you want the Echo to be speaker, try to disable the Autostart from the „Autostart Bluetooth-Streaming in Squeezebox Server“.