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27. Dezember 2016 at 4:11 #25254

Hello all,

I add my voice to this request. Currently, my installation is on Volumio, and for many reasons, I’m thinking to switch to Max2Play, that I am currently testing for some new projects. But the lack of Spotify Connect (it also exists on Volumio through a community plugin) is clearly something that keeps me on Volumio for the moment.

Why is Spotify Connect interesting ?

First, I am a big fan of Spotify radios made from my own playlists. I put 10/12 artists/songs in a playlist, then ask Spotify to create a radio from this playlist. It adds a lot of other songs from artists I did not even know, but usually like a lot. I can’t get this through the Spotify plugin. I can only get the playlist with the artists I know. With Spotify connect, I can create my radio in Spotify app, and broadcast it to Max2play (well already possible through airplay, but unfortunately, I’m an android user).

Second, I have not found any good solution when I have friends at home to able them to cast their own music. That was one thing I wanted to try with Max2play and the Bluetooth plugin, but the pairing procedure is too complicated, and I get a bad sound from bluetooth. With a Spotify Connect server, I could just ask them to cast to Max2Play device (well for those of them who use Spotify).

Third, the plugin is connected with my account. And my children listen to some weird music with it. And then I keep getting weird suggestions from Spotify each time I connect myself on Spotify. With Spotify connect, my kids are still able to cast their own music on the device, without messing with my own account.

So, yes, I think this is a must-have, and having it available on Max2play would definitely make it the ultimate solution.