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26. Dezember 2016 at 23:50 #25250

I tried installing Bluetooth on RPI3, assumiong I could use built in Bluetooth, following steps in instructable and it all seemed to go ok until trying to connect (scan for bluetooth devices) – no devices are discovered at all – no area showing ‚known devices‘ as suggested in the video. I know at least 3 Bluetooth devices should be visible (2 TVs, speaker) as my phone can see them and also my phone should be a fourth visible device as it is on the Bluetooth settings page. The install all looked ok until that point. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice, including lots of reboots and still the same. Debug looks blank – does this mean Bluetooth is not working on the RPI3? Am I missing some other action I need to take to make it work. Debug below = no text at all other than the titles.

#### Bluetooth Installation ####

#### Bluetooth Dongle ####

Other info: Max2Play Hifiberry V2.39, phone Oneplus 2, Hifiberry Dac+, Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.0 – 1482423225 @ Mon Dec 26 04:38:40 UTC 2016, Squeezlite firmware v1.8