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23. Dezember 2016 at 16:32 #25208

@ihtruelsen: #1 your devices that are not visible on the Raspberry Pi can connect to other devices, but are not visible to other devices – right? I have to open the bluetooth devices overview on my phone to make it visible to other devices.

#2 sometimes on a restart (depending on your setup) a second pulseaudio instance is running (this may cause the missing audio although everything seems to play). That is usually solved by a simple restart, if you see a 2 pulseaudio processes in the debug output of the bluetooth addon (at the buttom of the page).

Another thing: when kodi is running and configured as webservice (remote control) it might block the port 9090 on which the command line interface of squeezebox server is running. If this happens, the bluetooth installer fails to add the favorites entry for the bluetooth device to the squeezebox server and the automatic bluetooth switch (enable streaming once smartphone is playing via bluetooth) won’t work either. I will build a fix for this later.