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22. Dezember 2016 at 12:33 #25144

Hi Oliver,

good to hear, that the Boom2 speaker is working now. This was indeed solved with the latest bugfix 🙂

Sometimes you may have to click twice on the Reconnect Button for initial setup. Also make sure to open the bluetooth setup page on your smartphone before clicking the button. We addressed this in our video tutorial.
In our tests with different iPhones and android phones (not with android 7.x) we encountered no problems so far.
Instead of using chromecast you may also use the DLNA streaming via Squeezebox Server (stream to connected players) and smartphone apps like „AllConnect“ on android.
Choppy sound might also come frome a bad bluetooth connection. I had no trouble or choppy sound with the RPi2 when testing.

#1 the other devices you tried to connect do not seem to be visible for the Pi. Maybe due to security settings?
#2 do your stream to the Squeezebox Server or directly to the Soundcard of your Player? I had this problem only when the bluetooth connection dropped.

The bluetooth deivces in LMS favorites are less important when you activate „Autostart Bluetooth-Streaming in Squeezebox Server“. In this case you don’t need to do anything to start streaming from your smartphone (besides connecting and playing from the smartphone itsself).
I do not have an Amazon Echo for testing, but maybe this is not recognized as input source (only as speaker)? You might see this in the Debug info on the Bluetooth page.

– Feature Request:
Multiple Bluetooth Speakers might be possible with multiple bluetooth adapters. Connecting more than one stream / source to one adapter doesn’t work. If you want to play audio from smartphone directly to some bluetooth speakers, I’d suggest to skip the device in the middle.

All the Best,