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21. Dezember 2016 at 8:54 #25097

I have the same problem here, and the „only … of free space left“ message changed the amount of free space every now and then and now it says that only 0MB of free space are left!

When I mount my SD-card to my laptop it shows 2 partitions, one with 60 MB (38MB free) and one with 2,66GB space (140MB free). Actually the SD-Card should have 8GB.

when I click on expand filesystem it says, that it is not possible, because of no valid partition… (or similar – I use the german version, there it says:
„Expandiere Dateisystem:
Kein Vergrößern des Dateisystems möglich. Keine gültige Partition zum expandieren gefunden.
Achte darauf, dass alle USB-Geräte und Speicherkarten getrennt sind und starte neu bevor das Dateisystem expandiert wird!“)

What should I do?