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12. Dezember 2016 at 16:21 #24778

Hi Friends,
I have progressed 🙂 but I still need help please !

Here is my configuration: (I will refer to A, B or C in the following)
A) NAS connected on a network switch
B) RPI3 connected to network swtich with LMS7.9nighly installed and running
C) RPI3 + touch screen + Max2play image installed (using jivelite player), also connected to same switch
D) my internet box is connected to the same network switch

1) I had issue mounting the NAS on B. After a while, even if I had errors, I found out that the right folder was well available on Logitech media server so I could scan my library with no issue. I manage playing DSD after configuration. But still, in Max2play interface the mount is not propoerly done… strange?

2) I am having some „synchronizing cache“ issues. Each time, I launch the phone app (squeeze commander) and navigate through music folder, I have a „synchronizing cache“ process that starts. this slows the system for a while. Do you know why?

3) finally, even when cache is properly synchronized with the app, I have rebuffering issues on HD files, from 24/88 to 24/192. For example, when I play a 24/96 FLAC file and I navigate through the music folder using the mobile app (connected via Wifi), Music starts and stops unexpectedly.
Do you know ho I can fasten my system? Is there any software specific configuration to apply?
Which of the following option can be the best configuration:
– NAS connected over USB to B) instead of going through the switch? would it work?
– NAS connected over USB directly to C)?
– having LMS7.9 on C) instead of B?

thanks in advance for your help!
A happy Max2play user 🙂

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