Reply To: Airplay problems

3. Dezember 2016 at 23:42 #24529

Hi Heiner

Thanks for your help.

1. I found out what was wrong when switching between Squeezebox and Airplay. The case is that I use HW volume and when I’m playing Squeezebox I play with a Master volume setting = 25. When I use Airplay the volume has to be almost 100 on airplay device to hear anything. Then I have to turn Master volume up to 35 to hear airplay.
Now the problem is that when I go back to play on Squeezebox I have to remember to turn down the volume to 25 to avoid blowing off my speakers!
Can I make so that airplay is using HW volume too?

2 and 3. I checked the „Enable I2S-MMAP (Mixerdevice for Soundcards)“ i Raspberry settings and that made the trick:o).

best regards