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30. November 2016 at 0:24 #24362

Hi Popper,

Very happy that you were able to get things working, I appreciate it and understand, as I struggled for a while as well. I honestly believe that Max2Play is the best platform out there, at least for me, as it offers Logitech Media Server as a basis. Volumio, RuneAudio have better out of the box support for Sabre DACs, but I need the superior library management etc. that LMS offers.

Regarding the command line option, SSH into your RPi and enter „amixer“ and see what it outputs. That is the official procedure. That being said, that didn’t work for me since evidently the Audiophonics Sabre has no hardware volume control. I just went ahead and entered -o hw:0 -V Digital on good faith and was pleased with the results. If you encounter problems, you can always go back and delete the command line options and carry on. Again, the command line options worked well for me and the sound was instantly much deeper, warmer, richer – essentially what I had been expecting from the DAC to begin with. 😉

If you are a Linux newbie such as myself, you can SSH via Windows with PuTTY, available here: To determine the IP address you need to SSH into, go to http://max2play/ and go to the tab WiFi/LAN – there you will see the IP address. Username: pi Password: raspberry

Edit: just for the hell of it, if you need admin privileges for anything else, you can su with pw: max2play

Best regards,